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As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to a world of polo sophistication and a community that shares your passion for this timeless sport.

Why join the Adelaide Polo Club?

  1. Premier Polo Experience: Immerse yourself in the thrilling polo world with priority access to tournaments, including the Verco Cup, Captain’s Tournament, and more. Be a part of the excitement and witness the skill and grace of top-tier players and their magnificent horses.
  2. Social Events: Enjoy a calendar filled with social events. Our club provides the perfect backdrop for forging lasting connections with fellow members who share your appreciation for polo and refined leisure.
  3. Polo Clinics and Workshops: Hone your polo skills or discover the intricacies of the sport with access to members-only clinics and workshops. Learn from seasoned professionals and enhance your understanding of polo strategy, horsemanship, and game dynamics.

Becoming a member of the Adelaide Polo Club opens the door to a world where sport, luxury, and community converge. Elevate your polo experience—join us in celebrating the spirit of the game and the camaraderie that defines our distinguished club.

Membership applications opening soon